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10 Secrets To Becoming A Badass Barbecue Master!
Now YOU can learn how to cook up competition style barbecue! 
  • Juicy Secrets for Fall Off the Bone Ribs: Learn how to cook at the perfect temperatures for optimum tenderness.
  •  Mouth-Watering Marinades: Killer marinades to make your taste buds dance for joy. 
  •   How to Make the Perfect Chicken: Grill to perfection using one simple tip.  
  •   Award-Winning Steak Tip: The one thing you can do to grill a perfect steak in minutes. 
  •   Pitfalls to Avoid: Don't make the same mistakes as typical novice BBQers. Follow the tips of the pros. 
  •   Wildcard BBQ Ideas: Out of the box ideas to spicing up your BBQ and impressing your friends and family.
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Kelly B's 10 Secrets to Becoming a Badass Barbecue Master brought my skills to the next level! I was able to confidently use my new skills to cook for my friends at a party last Saturday. Thank you Kelly B!
What I really loved about this eBook was how easy it was to understand. I haven't been around the grill much or done really any barbecueing until now. When I cooked for my family the other night they couldn't believe how good it tasted!
I used a combination of skills from this book and the actual Kelly B Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce to hone my skills. I've honestly never had a sauce that tasted quite like this in my entire life... and I'm from Kansas City.
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